5 Minutes After My First Kundalini Meditation, I Feel Incredible.

Last night was my first time experiencing kundalini yoga and kundalini meditation. Needless to say, it won't be the last. Here is how I feel.
My First Experience with Kundalini Meditation

At the time of this writing, I’m only minutes after feeling the kundalini energy, created during my first kundalini meditation. What’s kundalini meditation? Yeah, I’d been wondering the same thing for quite some time. I can’t tell you much about it yet, but I can tell you that, without a doubt, I will be continuing this practice.

As I write, there is this radiant buzzing in my body. A renewed vitality present that has just been cultivated in my mind and body through the movements and practices I’ve just performed in the Zoom class:

  • I feel like I just had a strong cup of coffee, but there is a vibrance and depth to the feeling I feel coming from my heart center, and a resulting focus and energy created in my mind.
  • I feel an accompanying warmth radiating outward from my heart center down into my limbs.
  • I feel focused, but not agitated. Curious, grateful, on the brink of laughter…nearly giddy to share what I’ve just experienced!

Meg Sylvester, a certified kundalini yoga & meditation practitioner, just rocked my world. After attending a free 30-minute kundalini meditation session hosted on the be Meditation platform, I am utterly intrigued and curious. Very curious.

Full disclosure, this style of meditation may push your comfort zone, and at first (even for a seasoned meditator like myself) it’s a bit of shock to the system. Many of the ritualistic movements and mantras may potentially trigger slight awkward feelings that come with doing something extremely unfamiliar and outside the scope of our current paradigm. Consider this an encouragement, not a warning.

Enter, sufi circles.

The Kundalini Energy via Sufi Circles

Meg had us put our hands on our knees while seated, and championed us to extend upward with our in-breath, rooting down through our seat. Then, something new.

She said, “Rotate your core in a circular pattern, breathing in as you circle forward, and out as you circle backwards.” I could have the timing mixed up. I was sort of in the zone.

There is an accompanying mantra, two words, one for moving forward and one for moving back. Almost immediately you’ll feel something.

Meg mentioned something in the class about adrenal glands. My god, I feel great. It’s as if this strange circular torso movement is lighting a fire inside of me.

This was just the beginning.

Angles Are Very Important, She Said

Angles are Very Important in Kundalini Meditation

Here’s where I discovered this meditation was no ordinary style.

I had no idea pointing my arms straight in opposite directions while seated could create a rush of energy I’m about to struggle to explain.

Meg had us position our fingers in a pointer style. The Jupiter finger, she called it. We extended our arms completely straight, one ahead and one behind us, with a straight line formed between them. Then, the struggle.

Two minutes in, it became clear we are working for something. I trust Meg. She challenges us. She says, “If you feel the urge to drop or bend your arms…don’t.” 

This is a direct command, something incredibly unexpected in a yoga or meditation session. It takes me by surprise but immediately pulls a deeper interest out of me. I crave mental and physical challenge, as I know that all meaningful growth comes as a result of enduring struggle. There is new life, new growth and new discovery on the opposite side of choosing to consciously use difficult feelings, instead of avoiding them.

I change my pointer finger to include my pinkies both pointing as well. It’s the classic “goat hand” symbol, quintessential of rock-concert and action sports lore. My shoulders start burning. Fuck yeah.

I’m curious. My arms beg to be lowered. Finally, I change my hand into a flat palm, visualizing my intention and my breath intensifying, shoulders burning hot with the desire to be relieved of the pain I’m inflicting.

I think of my intention, what addictive pattern I’d like to let go. Addiction is the root of unconscious thought and action, of self-destructive habits. Meg was explicit in saying that kundalini energy is very powerful in practice to relieve the self-created suffering that addiction can promote.

It was these words, the connection to relieving addictive patterns, that hooked me for good. I’ve desired to have the life of my conscious choosing, and have been working intensely for years to define what that means, and more importantly, how to do it. Could I have a new tool in the arsenal?

“Less than 30 seconds,” and I know can make it, but I still desire to feel the relief.

Finally, it comes.

I felt something different.

A Rush of Kundalini Energy from Somewhere Within

I drop my arms. Hands on my knees and sit up straight, Then…feel it.

An energy of sorts, like nothing I’ve ever felt, surging up through my body.

I think to myself, “Oh my god.” I can’t believe what I have just found, this feeling of vibrant connection through these strange movements. I’d seen this style, this word, kundalini for some time and only now to discover a feeling I knowingly seek to cultivate through various spiritual means. As of that moment, I am here to stay in the kundalini realm, my curiosity peaked as sharply as the feelings of peace, calm and happiness resulting from an unexpected online meditation class.

We continue with one more exercise that utilizes jaw clenching timed with a four-step mantra. Again, a feeling of energetic presence follows.

In the chat box, a fellow attendee asks, “Is it normal to want to cry during this meditation?”

If I’m being honest, this person wasn’t the only one. I had felt this slight urge in me as well. It can happen when we successfully reach feelings of self-compassion after becoming aware of the struggles we’re facing…and realizing there might be a way to overcome them after all.

I believe I have discovered something powerful. Something effective to cultivate the connection to something greater than myself.

Kundalini meditation is curious, mysterious, and obviously…powerful. I will return.

Download the be meditation app for iphone or android to discover the many other free online yoga and meditation classes available on their platform. You can learn more about Meg Sylvester by visiting her website at www.megsylvester.com or on Instagram @meghansylvester